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👋 Hello! 

My name is Otávio Campos. I'm a UI Designer from Brazil, working for Motorola since 2019. Here are some of my latest projects. Hope you like it!
Razr 40 Ultra - External screen design

The New Razr family, announced in June 2023, was the culmination of several months of hard work involving teams in Brazil, USA and China. Myself, heading the visual design of the external screen and, Jinny Kang, leading the UX part, worked to deliver a fluid and full experience, comparable to the one you'd find in the main display. That's because the 2023's Razr+ has the largest cover screen found in a foldable phone to this date. Apart from basic functionalities found on competitor phones, this Razr model can support your choice of apps with the flip closed and also use the tripod mode to make your content creation more easily. The biggest design challenge of this project was to create an interface that could coexist naturally with the two camera punch holes. Since a good amount of current apps have the navigation located at the bottom of the screen, this could create huge usability issues. Our plan was to transfer all information typically found on the status bar to the section close the camera holes and prevent apps from expanding. Even so, we provide the option of having the apps to run full screen if the users want that way. CNN - "Phones are fun again" CNET - "Motorola's Razr Plus Made Me a Flip Phone Believer" Android Police - "My new favorite foldable" The Verge - "The right move" Tech Radar - "The phone you’ve been waiting for" Digital Trends - "The folding phone I’ve been waiting for" Tom's Guide - "Better in every way"

Razr 40 - External Screen Design

While Razr 40 Ultra had the biggest external display, his younger sibling had a much modest size. With the ambition of becoming the most affordable foldable phone in the market, the biggest challenge here was working with the 1.5 inch display limitation. Every UI and interaction had to be rethinked to fit the small display size, such as access to notifications, weather, calendar, audio recorder etc.

Camera app UI

UI redesign of the official Motorola Camera app. In addition to repositioning and reimagining several UI elements, the interface became compatible with Google's Material You system introduced in Android 12.

Projects for Magazine Luiza

Magazine Luiza, or Magalu, is one of the most important brazilian retail companies. During a 3 year period, I worked on a few important projects such as: redesign of the product page and the product grid and a visual proposal for faceted navigation.

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